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Hi. I am Ben.

I am a member of the Perspective project

Game HistoryEdit

Working with Adam Samson in Deus Ex Machina in which we starting sing about how we was gona fix camp to we fin the all.



--- Morgan the MadmanEdit

Game: Finale: Carnivale

Pathetic drunk who I forgot his first name. He was in the Morgasm family and was a total failure at life (hey it was my first game. Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that kit-kat-bar.).


Fifi Foofoo Foofi FumEdit

Game: Finale: The Fountain

Human soldier that was picked on as a child and started getting mad so he turned up getting so strong that if anyone picked on him they would not leave in the same condition that they came in.



Game: Finale: The Fallen Empire

Inheritance mage. He was the seer of a tribe of barbarians (they weren't barbarians, they were civilized people) and fled due to being picked on (I chose to leave. I had a better future outside of the land) where he met up with Archmage Tellus.

Arthur TenbonesEdit

Game: Winter Game: The Doctor's Dilemma

Naywards Soldier. He was pretty pathetic (and obsessed with things that go boom) he joined the army illegally (he was only 17) but was able to make it into N-GET (Naywards Gliterpuff Extermination Team) whose objective was able to kill Max, a traitor that killed most of our company.



Game: Advanced Camp: Atlantis: The Antediluvian Continent

An Atlantian mage, did not talk much except for when it was important (I disagreed with my team a lot but did not say anything but they can still tell it was fun) cast a few cool spells when we got our powers back and died in the flood.


Main article: Red Moon (Sai)
Game: Advanced Camp: The Five Moons of Japan

Brother of the Red Moon leader and might be called over-protected. He had healing powers (only one in the game that did I think) but was scared of a real battle and never really used them. He did a lot of running back and forth delivering messages between Tinder and Akai when Tinder went to challenge Widdershins to a duel.

Prince Regent Zeramon AmmorabEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: Walking On Sunshine


Game: Advanced Camp: Colorshock


Game: Advanced Camp: Lucifer's Lieutenant

A Corpulent.

Barrot Longshanks McFeeEdit

Game: Finale: The Clocktower

A gnomish sky pirate that was the lookout for the Skyhawk, He was a warrior that almost died a lot but somehow survived.

Frozen TheaterEdit

I also work with Adam Samson with Frozen Theater which is a table roleplay.