Much like normal Capture the Flag, the goal of Capture the Flag in the Wayfinder context is to have both flags in your circle. However, there are several variations on Wayfinder Capture the Flag.

The basic, and what is usually meant, is Capture the Flag with foam swords and acted death. It is common to play games of Capture the Flag with the game systems of the upcoming game in preparation. This helps the gamewriter make sure their systems are balanced, as well as getting the players used to the systems. There are various improvised variations, such as Shadowbox the Flag, Oldest Game the Flag, Superhero the Flag, English the Flag, and so on. Also known to be played are:

Adventure the FlagEdit

A version of the game played with multiple competing teams, with mages, alchemists, and clerics, either on teams or independent. Usually there is a team armed with monster weapons, guarding a circle. The other teams have to collect all the flags and get them to the monster circle to win.

Ninja the FlagEdit

Ninja the Flag is similar to Caputure the Flag, but it is most often played at night. There are several teams and several flags. Each team, which typically consists of 4-5 people represents its own clan of ninja. In addition, there are most often at least two samurai stationed on the playing field to guard any villagers against the ninja.

Capture the FragEdit

Instead of flags, there are strange characters called frags. Frags will send teams on various odd quests and missions, and upon their completion, the team "gets" the frag. This game format can cause interesting interactions between frags whose characters are not friendly with one another.

Archetypical frags that have been commonly used in past Capture the Frag games (incomplete list):

The Paladin

The Mad Scientist

The Monster (Il Monstro)

The (Faerie) Princess

The Businessfrag

The Random Famous Person

The Video Game Reference

Capture the Flag in PhillyEdit

Capture the Flag is run in Philly as a weekly event at two locations in the city. Saturdays are played in Clark Park in West Philly and Sundays at the Allens Lane Art Center. Two new variations of Capture the Flag have been created. the first being Regicide, a game type designed for protecting a leader from death, and [[Single Flag CTF]].