Advanced Camp 2-Day Game

by Molly Ostertag


Demons from the moon!


The sultan tosses and turned in bed. There is always a sultan, isn’t there? In this city, at least, I can promise that there has always been a sultan. He keeps us safe, doesn’t he? Watching over us with his fire blood – like a dragon, he is. A great dragon who spreads his wings over this little city of earth people and keeps us safe. But that fire blood, now, it’s burning him, he’s tossing and turning and not able to sleep. His sheets are tangled around him like a garrote, his eyelids shutter, he sweats and dreams and doesn’t wake up. Bad dreams, fever dreams. Poor sultan, poor Ombre. He is sick, and nobody knows except for one.

But we still have a sultan, that’s good. We’re still safe, we’re still protected. Yes, he’s one of the dragons, some people say – why are we ruled by sultans with fire blood when we’re simple earth people? The same fiery-blooded people killed us, many years ago, in a great war, but now they’re cursed to wander. All except the sultan’s line, who is blessed to rule. After all, we need them to protect us with their magic and their fire. Protect us from what, some ask? Maybe that is a question that doesn’t need answering.

This city is sleeping now, under the bright moonlight. Even the sultan has finally slipped into a deeper sleep, one less troubled. Somewhere in this city, a woman is having a child, and somewhere a father is caring for his sick child, and somewhere an old man is slipping into death. Creation, Preservation, and Destruction, all happening in their quiet ways throughout this sleeping city. This city sleeps, even the sultan. Not for long – soon his dreams will come back, darker than ever, tinged with fire and blood. Poor padishah. Poor man.


What Really HappenedEdit