Dylan Scott was introduced to Wayfinder through an article in a newspaper about AGT, which he promptly forgot about. A few years later, he finally looked up the website (the old one, the one that looked like it sold lasers that cut other lasers) and signed up for an event. He died right at the beginning of Night Game and was resurrected as The Latin Lover and given a shirt that was many sizes too small for him. Despite this rough beginning, he has been coming to Wayfinder regularly ever since.

Characters PlayedEdit

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Game: Finale: Quest for Lynoa 1

A half rabbit alchemist. Gave all his potions away early in the game, died. Has since never played an alchemist.

The Latin LoverEdit

Game: Finale: Quest for Lynoa 1

The less said about this character, the better.


Howard ButlerEdit

Game: Intro: The Hollow King

The butler to a lord. From a long line of butlers, as evidenced by the name. Actually attended the Old School, passed with flying colors. Technically a cleric, but that was really a side thing to the butlering. Eventually betrayed his lord and sought peace. Note: This begins Dylan's long love affair with clerics.



Game: Community Weekend 1: Ninja-Pirates on Mad Scientist Zombie Island

Hid a lot. Managed to cure the first two zombies of their zombieism, consecutively. Eventually committed suicide, because he believed he had been bitten.

An ActorEdit

Game: Finale: The Fountain

A member of the traveling actor's troupe who put on a short play the night before the main events happened. Had basically nothing else to do the rest of game. Went in search of elves, ended up finding their god, preformed a monologue for her. Went in search of elves to pass on her message. Failed miserably.

A Toy SoldierEdit

Game: Winter Game: The Pied Piper of Hamelin (aka The Toymaker)

Fairly generic. Acted as a chess pawn until almost the end of game, then was injured (broken). Was fixed by one of the kids and became his personal soldier. (That part came after game.)

Senator Eric AugustusEdit

Game: Intro: The Mystic Wars

Egocentric and arrogant, until he was granted magic by Oggra the Crone. Became more human as game went on.