A Finals-universe character from The Refugees, played by Geoffrey Lee.

Character SheetEdit

You are a computer glitch. You make computers foul up and enjoy the hell out of yourself. Nothing is funnier to you than screwing someone up. You are, in essence, a prankster. You were first coded when some hacker got bored one day and decided to screw over his school’s system. You demolished the network in a matter of milliseconds and jumped to the wider ‘net. You gained sentience over time as you extended your reach further and further.

You have just been summoned by Quark, a strange chap. He’s made use of you once or twice before, and has examined your code in considerable detail over the last few weeks in preparation for the summoning. You like him, and don’t terribly mind that he’s bound you by your true name. You’re fairly impressed that he actually took the time do that, as your true name is in binary and is almost half a kilobyte.

You’re still getting used to having a physical form, but it seems to work well enough. You can tap into the neural networks of humans to some degrees, and can foul up their systems to some degree. You have the ability of lag, which slows people down for a few seconds, as well as the ability to ghosthack someone. You can download yourself into them if you can touch them, and control them, though particularly strong-willed people can disconnect you. The one disadvantage of having a physical form is that it can get chopped to bits. You’d be fine, of course, as there are millions of copies of you circulating the internet, but you kind of like having a body and would like to keep it.