Jesse Riemer is a Californian Wayfinder, and thus a member of Westfinder. He has attended all of the Westfinder Bootlegs and most CTF runs, as well as Intro II 2006, Advanced Camp 2006, and Advanced Camp 2007.

He is currently working on two Bootlegs for Westfinder, which are set to be played in Fall 2007 and Spring 2008.

His handle on the Wayfinder Forum is The_Reamerer

He finally paid his debt to Westfinder! Yaaay! He did it entirely in ones, but whatever. They went to buying Ben Schwartz a delicious burrito for lunch.

Game HistoryEdit




Game: Intro 2: Elmendor Pt. 2: The Soul Tree

Several who died. Notable death being after being forced to drink a 'lie' potion... Things went downhill from there.

A GypsyEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: The Highwayman

A LegionnaireEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: Gaules & Legions

Under the leadership of Notorious.

A GypsyEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: Morvania: A Race Against Time And Terror

He rather disliked the Church and all things related to it.

Kael the RogueEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: Chances Are

A rogue who believed that laughter was the best remedy for having one's possessions stolen.

A FomoriEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: Finals

Once the guardian of the Realm of Time, he became a fallen angel. Underwent an epic death as a sacrifice at the hands of the witches.


Game: Westfinder Bootleg 1: The Refugees

A hippie, tree-hugging (literally) Knight of the Tree.



Game: Westfinder Bootleg 2: Resurrection

An ancient evil God--Although he wasn't so much evil as much as... He did his own thing, regardless of morals. Or so he liked to see himself.


Game: Advanced Camp: Secrets of the Templar

A demon who served as a minion to the avatar of Vengeance. Rather hated humans.

Raven DarksoulEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: A Rude Awakening

A goth kid who was more apathetic than anything else. A dogged follower of one of his upperclassmen, decided to try dieing in the dream realm at his suggestion. That didn't turn out so well.

A Member of the GuardEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: City of Blood and Fire

More often drunk than not. Liked to abuse his power as a guard to make up laws and extort people. By a twist of magic, he changed his ways and became a swashbuckler.


Main Article: Jacob's Ladder (Taliesen)
Game: Advanced Camp: Graduation Day

An assassin for Jacob's Ladder. He spent the majority of his time in game distraught after witnessing the death of his most loved comrades at the hands of the Bear Goddess. Later was convinced by his old friend, Guile, now in poltergeist form, to kill himself and join her in causing disruption among the living.


Game: Advanced Camp: Schism I

The High Priest of Fire. He liked fire. A lot. And burning things. He was slain during the first foray of game, trying to drag his wounded self away from the field of battle, but shot through the head by the techie general's assault rifle round.


The MinotaurEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: Atlantis: The Antediluvian Continent


Main article: Sabaku and Suna
Game: Advanced Camp: The Five Moons of Japan


Game: Advanced Camp: Colorshock