Nick Feder was born a long time ago in the far off land of Miami. Since then, he has been on a perpetual quest to find entertainment and is thus far doing a pretty okay job!



Nick loves to play guitar. His sunny personality and cheerful disposition lend to the style known most commonly as Surf Guitar. The sound of the waves, is the same as the sound of the blood flowing through his veins. With the same flair found in Spanish Flamenco music, the sound of sand and ocean brings him a joy that can only be his Brainmother.

Flamenco Fairy TalesEdit

Flamenco Fairy Tales combine the fantasy of the imagination and stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears with the flair of Flamenco music, transforming the stories into spicy tales such as Taco Girl and the Three Chupacabras or The Three Little Goats. Recently, Nick has been working on some original Flamenco Fairy Tales of his own. His latest work involves Jack Covell, Carlos Santana and Antonio Banderas.

Breaking NewsEdit

Nick Feder, the greatest person on the face of the world, actually saves it today from a people-eating-man-hunting-child-kidnapping menace! HE SAVES THE DAY/WORLD/MAN KIND!!!

Plans for the FutureEdit

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