Philly Wayfinder is a branch of The Wayfinder Experience located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philly Wayfinder was started when families from Philadelphia began to organize Capture the Flag games outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Capture the Flag games are now played at several locations in the Philadelphia area. Events take place every Thursday at Starr Garden, just off of South St., from 3 - 5; every Saturday at Clark Park from 1 - 4; every Sunday at Allen's Lane Art Center in Mt. Airy from 1 - 4.

Multiple camps have been run every summer since 2004 and have featured popular games such as Houses of Jaida and Skulls and Fools. 2006's Philly Finale announced the first full sized Dragon Battle in the game The Dragon's Blessing written by Fearless.

In the summer of 2008, 4 total summer camps were run, including 2 with full adventure game events. These were The Black House and Legend of the Barbaroy.

In the fall of 2008, Philadelphia is hosting an event 7 years in the making. The Jedi game, called Orphan Hunt is a sequel to the original Jedi game, both written by Shaggy.