Bi-elemental kamis Aki (played by Penny Weber) and Natsu (played by Isabelle Louge) from The Five Moons of Japan.

Not to be confused with the Tempests.

  • Pronounced: AH-kee
  • "Autumn" in Japanese
  • Pronounced: NAH-tsoo
  • "Summer" in Japanese

You are the twin daughters of Lightning and Wind raised by the Volcano Sprites, Fuji and Yama. All you’ve ever really known has been life with them. Your earliest memories are of being carried through the forest and then being left with two monstrous beings. These “monstrous beings” didn’t stay figures of fear for very long, in fact you grew up looking upon them as brothers. Fuji and Yama told you that the kami who brought you to them, your mother Tengu the Lark, a Wind kami, had abandoned you because you were “like us, unwanted.” It took you a while to understand the concept of being unwanted, though decades of experience dealing with the horrified reactions of anyone who sees the four of you has been enough of a lesson. It felt horrible. With it, you grew up with a conscience open to much hatred and grief but little kindness towards anyone other than yourselves. Also foreign to you is the concept of “day,” as you have only been around for about 100 years and only know of Amaterasu by name. Over the years, you couldn't help but feel that there was something about the two of you that made you drastically…different from Fuji and Yama. Whatever it is, they seem to get uncomfortable whenever you bring it up. Recently, they did give you a piece of shocking news: they know who your father is. They said that he was a Lightning kami named Raiden the Bolt but they’re not sure whether or not he's still alive. They only know that he went insane just before you were born and does not know of your existence. Indeed, he is still alive, as you saw him yourselves just yesterday. There might just be an unpleasant family reunion tonight…