“My lord,” the steward’s voice rang in the cavernous study, “the border, and harvest reports have just arrived. Would you care to look them over?”

“Yes,” King and Dragon Lord Draconius Emberium said in a slightly bored tone, “but bring them as quick as possible, there is much left to do in preparation for tonight’s festivities.”

"Very good sir," the steward said before exiting the room.

Draconius breathed out a sigh of exhaustion and leaned back in his chair, perusing over lists of food to be provided at the night’s celebration. 'It’s not really about everyone swearing allegiance to the throne,' he thought, 'it’s just that the people of Gelgedor need a celebration, so I suppose I’m the one that’s to provide it.' The plans had been thrown together at the last minute, a feast and ceremony for the Order of Fire and the Dragon Runners to swear fealty to their king. The steward returned shortly, and placed a bundle of letters and documents on the desk, before bowing and taking his leave. Draconius looked sardonically at the pile for some time before opening the first letter. It was from Kyth.

'Dear Father, looking forward to seeing you soon at the upcoming festivities. All is well out here; the barracks we have passed have all been in perfect conditions. Imrahil is thrilled to squire for me on his first scouting mission, as long as he thinks that he’s being noble its much easier to keep him in line.

We have finished our inspection of the northern reaches and are turning homeward. We should be back by noon on the day of the feast.

Love, Kyth'

Draconius smiled at the thought of his two children and picked up the next letter. This one was from High Mage Dameon.

'My Lord, all is well here, no sign of any disturbance, yet I feel that something is changing, not in a bad way. It feels as if an unseen winter has fallen over Gelgador, but out of this shall come a great spring. It is a time of change...'

The king flipped through the rest of the letters, they bore the same message: all was well in Gelgedor.

“Tonight will be a good night.” Draconius said to his empty study, and sighing he rose and made his way out of the room. All was still, but for the flickering of candlelight illuminating a forgotten letter half hidden beneath the already opened reports. It was postmarked from two weeks past and bore the seal of an outpost far to the west. It told of two score strong scouting party gone missing near the border to the wastelands.


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